Dipartimento di Scienze Archeologiche
with the scientific support of
International Union of Soil Sciences
Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria

Second International Conference on Soils and Archaeology
Pisa, Italy, May 12-15, 2003


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How did environment affect the choices of the ancient human groups and how did ancient Man domesticate the environment around him?
The study of soils as markers of environmental change, and evidence of human influence on the landscape is a basic aspect of the study of the ancient cultures. Soils and archaeological sediments are unwritten documents of our history.

This meeting wants to show clearly the holistic relevance of this work, that soil scientists and archaeologists must carry on in close collaboration. The aim is to improve the interaction and foment discussions between Geoarchaeologists and Archaeologists / Environmental Archaeologists on these topics.

After the success of the First Conference, held in Szazhalombatta in May 2001, and organised by Gyorgy Fuleky of the Szent Istvan University of Godollo, we are happy to invite our colleagues in Pisa.

The conference is preceded by a 2 day workshop of the Archaeological Soil Micromorphology Working Group.Thin sections and microscopic techniques employed in some of the analyses presented at the conference, can be viewed here. This workshop is open to all, with the only limitation that the microscopy room of the Department of Earth Sciences is equipped with 20 microscopes.

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